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The Different Types of Towing Services You Can Consider

by Andrea Muñoz

Most vehicle owners know that they may require towing services at one point or another. However, not many put much thought into what type of towing services would be best suited for their vehicle. Since cars come in an array of shapes and sizes, tow truck companies use different types of services to ensure that you are getting what is best suited for your particular vehicle. It should be noted that is best to have the contacts of your towing truck company in your phone. This is because towing services are typically needed in an emergency situation; hence, you can never foresee when these services will be pertinent to you. Here are some of the different towing services that you can consider.

Heavy-duty towing services

As the name suggests, this type of towing service is designed to deal with larger vehicles such as trucks and SUVs. With heavy-duty towing services, your vehicle is attached onto the tow truck and elevated from the ground. It is then transported while being half suspended by the tow truck while the rest of the vehicle still makes contact with the road. Heavy-duty towing services are also applicable in the event of an accident when your car will have to be pulled out of a ditch or any similar situation.

Long-distance towing services

These services are provided for people who would like to tow their vehicle cross-country. It is a convenient option if you are relocating and would not like to drive your vehicle all the way. Additionally, this service is procured for people who would like to have their car delivered from the port. It should be noted, though, that before using these services, you should enquire about whether the company offers a flat fee or if you will be charged according to the distance covered.

Flat-bed towing services

This type of tow truck is designed to provide you with a safe option for transporting luxury or high-end vehicles. It is also a preferred option for drivers who own an antique vehicle and would not like to risk it being damaged by having it dragged by a heavy-duty tow truck. The vehicle in question is either put on the flat bed through the use of a ramp or is lifted in its entirety. Since the vehicle is secured atop the flatbed, you can rest assured that it will not acquire any harm during the towing process.